I’m a software engineer!

My name is Haolin Zhang, a full-stack software and Machine Learning engineer with 2 year experience on API, database, ML acceleration, LLM, mobile, AWS and Oracle cloud development.







I am passionated on software / ML development. I thrive in fast-paced environments, collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams to achieve project success.

My Skills

API development

I develop RESTful APIs using Python Flask and Java Spring Boot frameworks, also gRPC APIs with GoLang.

Database management

I build services that utilize both SQL / NoSQL and Vector databases for data storage and similarity search.

Cloud deployment

I deploy the services on AWS Lambda and EC2. Also Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

LLM delopyment

Deploy Lage Language Models on varies of consumer-leveled hardware. Even ARM SBC with Mali GPU.

Open-source contributer

Collaborate with Apache TVM project team member and contribute to source.

Mobile development

Hands-on experience in developing Android applications using Kotlin and iOS applications using Objective-C

My projects


Run Large Language Models (13B) on RK3588 SoC, with GPU-acceleration

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Hotel reviewer

Get the most comprehensive hotel reviews. Summaized by Generative AI

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Personal chat API

A personal Artificial Intelligence chat service API. Privacy focused.

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Carbon Energy

A platform encourage users have more workout and plant trees. Save our environment.

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Contact me about question you have. I will get back to you soon.